Saturday, December 14, 2013

Girl Glycosylated Announces Bears For Diabuddies!

Bears For Diabuddies is Up!

Hey Folks! Big News! The Bears for Diabuddies site is up and running!
 Meet Jerry The Bear

Donate Now!

Or you can go directly to our GoFundMe page and donate to help us get enough money to pay for registering the URLs, and for the filing fees as a non-profit organization. Our goal is set at $1000. 
After that we can start raising money for the bears! 

Thanks for your help and your support! 

Everyone at Girl Glycosylated thanks you for your help and support. Eleanor is so excited to have Bears for Diabuddies up and running. The first batch of Jerry The Bear should have already shipped and bears that are ordered now will be shipping in the spring. Eleanor wants bears provided by Bears for Diabuddies to go to children who are freshly diagnosed.  

The Next Step

First we need to get some of the fundamental legal qualifications taken care of, like filing as a non-profit, and paying for the URLs we registered. Then we need to establish an application process, or some other means of determining which children will receive the bears we donate. Eleanor is operating the organization herself as part of her homeschool learning experience, so she has a lot to think about and many decisions to make. We're glad you're here to watch us grow.