Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Diabetes Poetry Day

Eleanor (7) wrote the following poem about diabetes.

Ouchie Ouchie prick your finger
get a tissue, get a tissue!
Well, that didn't help, so get some StingEze

Her 13 year old brother, Kenneth,  a type 3 like me, wrote this diabetes haiku

Her Dexcom buzzes.
"What does Dexie say?" Mom asks.
Two hundred fourteen.


  1. Those pictures that go with your poetry are so priceless and awesome! Thanks for the smiles on this.

  2. Hi, was glad to see you posting! Love the monster hat lol.

  3. I loved the poems and the pictures. Your children are very talented!!

  4. That's a perfect photo illustration and/or bonnet for 214. Edgy, not disastrous.


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