Thursday, May 30, 2013

A few quick things…

Eleanor: Channeling Taylor Swift

Thank you to Tom Karlya at Diabetes Dad for saying such nice things about our YouTube Channel, we promise to work on some new videos very soon to please our fan base.


We got a wonderful call this morning! Eleanor has been approved by our insurance for an Omnipod.  It should be on our front porch on Tuesday.  After that it's just a matter of attending some training at the hospital and then we're off and running.  This is a tremendous relief, as I was truly bracing myself for a denial.  The rep from insulet had as much as told me we were destined for denial.  She was half choked up too with the call, because she says she really does not enjoy calling up parents and telling them they've been denied.  So everyone had a good day today.


The boys and I went to Quest Diagnostics on Wednesday after Art Class.  (Actually Eleanor went too, we couldn't just leave her) but the three of us had blood drawn for TrialNet.  Caught a few moments of tawdry day time TV as long as we were there. :-/


Eleanor and her brothers are scheduled to appear on Good Morning Texas in the morning at 9:00 am on WFAA channel 8.  So, if you live locally, tune in.  If you are friends from afar, we'll link you up as soon as we can.

Bling on the Dexcom

We put some bling on Eleanor's Dexcom transmitter/sensor this time, but things are not going so great.  I also may have not done the insertion exactly right.  In either case, the receiver has been complaining on and off all afternoon.  Seems to have recovered and perked up for the moment, we'll be keeping an eye on it.


This has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes, but I'm reading aloud The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Lead the Revels There to the kids right now, and it's an excellent work of fiction.  I highly recommend it!  It's the sequel to The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairy Land in a Ship of Her Own Making, but the new one doesn't seem to have been added to the author's website yet, so I can only link you up to the first, which we also read, and which was also extraordinary.

Eleanor is beginning to get going with her non-profit org to raise money for Jerry The Bear.  We were very glad to learn that the application window for the Davidson Young Scholar Ambassador Program is June 1 through September 30, so we couldn't have timed it better, really. The purpose of the program is to foster learning and civic engagement through community service, volunteerism and leadership in highly motivated, mature and socially conscious Young Scholars.  She and I have already begun to fill in her essay questions on the application for the program.  If she is accepted, she will have access to two year training program.  It would be a tremendous learning experience for her.  She would attend online seminars covering such topics as Self Advocacy; Website Design & Functionality; Leadership and Ethics;  Fundraising; etc.  Fingers crossed that they have a spot for her!


  1. It may be the weight of the flowers are causing a bad connection between transmitter and sensor. I know if ours isn't in snug, we get complaints. :)

  2. Thanks Crystal, I think you're probably right. It's been much better… since the flowers fell off! LOL. It was with some trepidation that I let her put the flowers on there in the first place. Since then, I've been inspired by Alecia over at SurfaceFine to decorate the tape instead of the transmitter. We'll give that a try.


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