Thursday, May 23, 2013

Third Times The Charm! Our Third Dexcom Sensor Insert Success

Today we did Eleanor's third Dexcom sensor insert.  It went MUCH better today, pretty smooth.  Here's what I did differently that made it better:

1. I didn't use a Tegaderm patch to hold the Lidocaine cream in place.  Last week, getting the
Tegaderm off her arm, with the adhesive pulling on all those little hairs was almost worse than the insertion.  Instead, I put the cream on a "nonstick pad" and then wrapped sense-wrap self adherent around her arm.  That's the red stuff in the photo.  It sticks to itself, but not to her.

2. I had a bottle of Uni-solve medical adhesive remover, and I soaked the adhesive on the old sensor in that before I tried peeling it off.  I kept using more as I peeled it off and that too went much better.  No tiny hairs ripped out of her arm.  She's way too little for waxing!

3. I remembered to pinch up the skin where I was pushing the sensor in.

So, yeah, practice makes perfect and we had no tears at all today.  Hooray!

And here she is playing on the playground earlier this week, Dexcom is on the Hello Kitty Lanyard around her neck.


  1. Yay!
    I feel like I've been waiting forever to start our CGM. Next mon I hope. And we need it too, what a mess of lows over the long weekend.

    1. Whew. Yeah, we've had a mess of lows here too lately. She went from 104 to 44 in 5 minutes while swimming in her grandpa's pool on Saturday. We swam again a few days later, and that time I had a juice box sitting on the edge of the pool for her. I told her not to drink it all at once, but to just keep sipping it each time she swam up to the side. It went much better. I guess I'll just keep juice with a straw in it by the poolside all the time now.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself, Sarah :) I have a little dude with t1d, he is 5 now but was diagnosed at 19 months. Our oldest is currently non-d and my husband has been diagnosed with diabetes since he was 12. I have a blog that sometimes talks about d, sometimes not...but I saw Scott mention you on his blog and wanted to say hello. Welcome to the DOC where I've learned more than all the extremely long doctor appointments that we've had to endure. Welcome to the land where when you say, "I am tired," people get it, when you say my child's HI nobody looks at you like you're insane, where the people are passionate and caring. I truly believe that without the DOC things would be very different for me. So...welcome :)

    1. I thought I had replied to this, but perhaps not. Thanks for the welcome, Sarah. Even though it has been several months. I appreciate it. We all need all the welcomes we can get.


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